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Gobig WiFi comprehensive cloud marketing guest WiFi solution monetizes your investment by combining the advantages of latest WiFi and Beacon technology, complete line of WiFi appliances, global cloud platform, security, WAN optimization, Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Wechat social login, SMS login, in-store customer data capture, online digital marketing, video marketing, SMS/Email marketing, smart loyalty program, data analysis, CRM and Point-Of-Sales(POS) integration to help business provide better customer experience, automate customer enagement and sales transaction, save advertisement cost, increase marketing effectiveness and repeat sales, while at the same time lowering operational cost.

GoBig WiFi 4C | O2O Process

GoBig WiFi 4C | O2O Process

GoBig WiFi 4C:ConnectConnect
Complete line of WiFi and Beacon devices
Easy to install and configure
Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Wechat social login
SMS login
Customer portal redirection
WAN optimization
GoBig WiFi 4C:CollectCollect
Customer data capture and database
Data analysis
API/Data export
GoBig WiFi 4C:CommunicateCommunicate
Landing page advertisement
Video marketing
SMS/Email campaign
Loyalty program
POS integration
CRM integration
GoBig WiFi 4C:CloudCloud
Cloud based central remote management systems
Global top-tier cloud platform
URL blacklist/whitelist
User blacklist/whitelist
Bandwidth control
Appliance remote management


“GoBig WiFi kills several birds with a single stone. The plug-and-play router hooks up to your existing Internet connection to offer customers and guests WiFi service. While you fulfill an important demand, you also are given a wide array of tools for analyzing your customers and improving your marketing strategies.”

- Jonathan Garro, GetApp

“For the same cost as Constant Contact or Fishbowl, I get a complete Guest WiFi solution and email marketing software that is easy to use and easy way to build and manage my customer list.”

- Mark Jones, Restaurant Owner

Gobig Wifi is ranked as top marketing systems and awarded with the Verified Quality Seal from leading business software review platform.

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